In the early part of this century, I was lucky enough to work in the publishing industry. After a year of soul searching, traveling around Europe, I decided I wanted to shift out of the technology industry and into books. Incredible to think now how much those two industries have merged over the last few years.

It was during this time that I realised, someday, yes, I’d like to write a book. I’d been blogging a lot, as you did back in the day, before Facebook and Instagram snippets, about our travels and my impressions of living in a country not my own.

I figured a good way to find out how best to get a book published was to actually work at a book publisher. And boy, was that an education. I learned so much in my brief time in Belfast about books. About authors. About not just what it takes to write a book but what it takes to get a book in front of people. About what options there are for authors. About what types of books need what types of publicity. So much information, that perhaps, I needed time to let all of that percolate before getting to today.

So, here I am, a decade later, taking advantage of good timing and a very supportive partner and I’m doing that thing so many people, people who are much more word accomplished than me, do, and that is, I’m taking time away from full time technical writing work and I’m writing a book. Or, that is to say, I’m writing. #amwriting. Taking a bit of a summer hiatus, settling into living in Europe round 2 and writing. The end result? Something I hope people will enjoy reading.

It feels a bit odd and dare I say “full of delusions of grandeur” to just announce that you’re going to be writing something full time. I’m not sure why. I just know that my current life philosophy is to say who you actually are out loud. What you’re actually doing. And right now, my Interweeb friends, that’s what I’m doing. #amwriting.

Hope to share things of the journey here.

Wish me luck. Or inspiration. Or determination. Or really, what it actually takes to birth an incredible story.

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