Day 1 (a Day Late) Stream of Consciousness

I have all intentions of catching up with this project 🙂 and I think, at this point, I figure getting started is getting started, even if you’ve done so a bit fashionably late.

So, the first challenge, was this:

To get started, let’s loosen up. Let’s unlock the mind. Today, take twenty minutes to free write. And don’t think about what you’ll write. Just write.

And to so I did … grammar and style enforcers, please be kind…


It was the fidgeting in the chair that really got me thinking about this setup. Plus probably a bit of a ‘new year renewal’ type activity. I just found that every 5 or 10 minutes, I was readjusting my seating, my position. And it was making me lose my train of thought.

My hip started to hurt too. Pushing 40 I am prepared for things to start breaking down but since I spend my entire day as a writer in front of a screen, I knew I needed to make a change.

My feet were never really positioned properly either. Being a Shorty McShortster, the chair was raised but my feet dangled. And so, to be ergonomically correct, I had a stack of phone books for my feet to rest on. A couple of times a year, I would get giddy as the condo building had delivered yellow pages. This delivery, as exciting as it was, continued to surprise me. I mean, with the internet, who is really using these printed things anymore? So, I knew they were eventually going to be in short supply.

My shoulder was achy too, due most likely to the fact that one of the arms on my IKEA desk chair was wobbly. Sure, yes, someone who was a bit more crafty-handy-inspired would have fixed it by now but to me, it was just something that I would continue to deal with.

And then, it kept popping up.. on my news feeds, in conversation with techy friends, this idea of a standing desk. A desk that you set up in the effort to stand up all day long.

This sounds bizarre right? I mean, how is it that someone would stand for an entire day? And, during my initial research, these desks seemed ridiculously overpriced. Perhaps not overpriced but certain out of my price range to test something out.

But then I visited a friend who took me to his home office and the ogling began. He had DIY-ed a standing desk, all with items from IKEA. And so I took the plunge.

With his help deciding on the right pieces to purchase and my partner D’s handy-man skills, we set to work to turn my plain IKEA table desk into a spot I could stand every day.

The incredible bonus of the entire set up is that both of the shelves can be removed from the existing table-desk, so in essence, for less than 50 bucks, I have a convertible sitting-standing desk.


It has been life changing. I have more energy, I have less aches (though certainly my legs are given a bit of a workout) and I my posture has improved 10 fold.

I’ve learned lots of lessons along the way – sitting breaks are critical, as are good shoes and a standing pad (I’ve used a folded up yoga mat for now). The stack of phone books are still an important part – I use it as a step to alternate resting my feet.

And the strangest occurrence? I feel weird sitting down at a desk. My 2015 office change certainly improved my focus, energy and health for the better.

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