Social Media Summer Vacation

Every couple of times a year, I try to take a bit of a break from some of the main social media tools I use on a daily basis.

For the most part, these tools are an integral part of my day. Facebook let’s me catch up with family and friends. Twitter gives me a peek into what’s going on in various parts of the online world. Instagram provides a visual escape to explore.

But, for me, it has been important to step away from this type of interaction. Just like we take breaks from our day jobs, so should we take breaks from certain routines.

It’s not yet been 24 hours and I can already feel a bit of a mental shift.

Just in the last few hours, I’ve been diving back into the podcasts and really just simplifying my A to B activities. No longer grabbing my security blanket of a phone to scroll through endless updates of information.

I feel lighter. Always a little apprehensive of the disconnect but, like kicking off any vacation, I’m slowly easing into this and finding all types of more productive things to do with my time. Like, writing this blog.

Hope whatever type of vacation the summer is bringing you, you’re enjoying the disconnect in some small way.

(NOTE — I have a feeling that my Twitter account might automatically post that I’ve written this — I suppose that means that I’m technically still active 😉 ….)

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