Sipping options

I drink a lot of tea. It helps working from a home office to be able to choose from my wide selection each day, without having to store over 20 different types of loose leaf tea at a work desk.

This year, my sister in law bought me the most thoughtful pre-Christmas gift– a David’s Tea 24 days of tea advent calendar.


It’s been a wonderful opportunity to sample teas I normally wouldn’t have. I tried my best to at least drink one new tea a day for the month of December. Some I’d buy again, others wouldn’t be my first choice but at least I can eliminate them off the growing list of teas I love to consume.

A good marketing idea of course for David’s Tea but also it was a thoughtful way to encourage me to really go outside of my daily routine and, just in a simple way, to try new things.

A few years ago, I tried a 20 day yoga challenge for the month of January. This tea calendar made me feel like I was starting a new habit, even in the hustle bustle of the holiday season. So, a bit a resolutions head start.

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