Paying to give my brain a wash

In addition to developing my writing offline, I’ve also started to really commit to meditation on a daily basis.

I’ve been practicing yoga for years and always enjoyed the final resting pose where you take the time to sit and breathe. I found it brought this amazing sense of clarity, a cleaning of the mind, giving the brain a bit of a wash.

After trying a few different techniques, I have settled on this great app Headspace , a program that helps you incorporate meditation into daily life. What got me hooked was the Take 10 exercise. It’s a free taster to get you going, one that gives you a new 10 minute meditation every day for a week.

After the Take 10 exercise, I have to admit I was kind of reeled in. It really worked for me and I noticed a difference within the first few days.

I’ve signed up for the monthly fee option, worth about the price of 3 lattes, and am a good portion into the next exercise in the sequence, Take 15.

As a content developer, I’m behind the idea of paying for products I value. So far, it’s proving to be a solid investment.

I’m sure I’ll have more observations as I go through the process, but it got me thinking about monthly fees for these types of things. I’m rarely one to even purchase an app. But after seeing its value with the free introductory daily meditations, I was able quite quickly to see the value.

What type of online services are you willing to pay for?

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