Run Forest, run

I’ve put a goal to myself for the next 2 weeks: to run at least 2 miles per day.

I’m Canadian so not sure why I’ve chosen the distance in miles but the number seemed good. And it’s small enough to convince myself to get out there every day but long enough that I can feel all the positive effects.

Having successfully completed 4 half marathons, I realised I got myself to a place of running = extreme training and effort. I started to feel like anything less than a 5 mile run was not worth it.

And of course, running 5 miles still takes some effort & time for a slow runner like me.

So, 2 miles, every day, I have time for. And the mental power to get through after being out of the running game for a good 4 months.

The mental game is what can get you. So, I’m tricking my brain a bit to get my feet moving again.

Another bonus? I might end up beating my personal best at that distance, in spite of myself.

So, what hobby are you avoiding? What can you change about it yo get you back into it?

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