Ad Fab Fridays — My Toilet Paper Doesn’t CARE

This week’s ad mezmerized for the wrong reasons. It originally aired in the summer, amongst lots of re-runs and reality TV.

I was most stunned about the premise, more of the product than the commercial itself.

Have a look see:

So, is it just me or have you NEVER really thought about your excess toilet roll need to be covered up?

I thought it was kinda a joke. Like an April Fools type thing — look! we’ve put our hard working resources on creating an item that will hold an extra roll of toilet paper.

Clever writing in the ad. Even a well-ish known actor in the follow up:

I can say with certainty, however, that I don’t see myself buyihng this product. And I don’t know anyone who would . So this just proves, that no matter innovative or clever your commercial, if the product is undesirable, it’s not gonna get sold.

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