Ad Fab Fridays — Inaugural Post

I have a confession to make.

It’s not an earth shattering one. And I’ve probably not really kept it that much of a secret. You see, anyone could probably find me out if they just sat and watched TV with me.

I’m addicted to commercials. I love watching them so much that I will shush people when they come on.

I’ve always been fascinated by commercials, intrigued by the stories they can tell in a short 2 minutes. My sister loves to recollect the day she caught me, entranced, gazing at a commercial, pursing my lips together just like the model was demonstrating how to apply a special kind of lipstick. And then, as if I was overcome with an epiphany, I uttered a ‘oh huh I see’, as if learning a new skill in a classroom.

I see them as part educational, part entertainment. And whole part mesmerizing. Maybe I should get out more.

And so, I’ve decided to dedicate this space on Fridays to everything that is advertising. The good, the bad, the lack of ugly. Anything really that intrigues me about the industry, the products they peddle and why someone like myself just can’t help but stop the surfing between the show.

To start us off, I thought I’d give an example of just how closely I pay attention to commercials.

Now, it’s a catchy tune so maybe I wasn’t the only one who noticed that the song in this ad:

Was also used in a back to school add by Target (darned if I can find the link – if you have it send it!!!).

Now, I’ll give it to Chevrolet credit; they used it first. But it took me about 10 seconds to realise the commercials used the same songs.

When I sat, agast, listening to the Target commercial, I said to my man “Hey! That’s a song from that car commercial!” To which he replied: “Ya, well no one else on the planet pays that as much attention to commercials as a hobby. Not sure people will even notice.”

Well, I did. And I wanted to find out if there was more people out there like me, who would have caught this too. I know you’re out there. Come out into the light and join me in my commercial-loving ways.

I’ve got lots more to say here but wanted to get us started. Until next week, enjoy the entertainment between portions of the show.

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