Personalizing technology … and finding balance

I’m always look for some background voices to fill my home office day and Spark, by CBC Radio has become one of my staples.

This week’s topic really resonated with me: technology and how we give things a personality. How we interact differently not only with people but also how technology tends to open up an opportunity to lose perspective on what’s important. Answering a call during a meeting, texting while out on a date, the ‘attachement issues’ we now have with our handheld devices – be they tablet or mobile size.

As someone who is passionate about technology – working in it and using it for pleasure – I’m also well aware of the importance of creating that balance.

There’s also a great comment in this podcast about how our devices give us hope. Take a listen – well worth it.

Spark 144 – April 10  13, 2011 | Spark | CBC Radio

via Spark 144 – April 10 & 13, 2011 | Spark | CBC Radio.

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