Skype has my number

I have always felt Skype does an amazing job at really thinking about me, the user, when they implement new changes to their product.

Over the weekend, I upgraded to Version 5 so I could check out the functionality of their group video calls. Having family scattered across North America, I’m always looking for ways to reconnect with them and what could be better than a face to face skype party?

As usual, thoroughly impressed with the way the system walked me through not only the download procedure a quick overview of all the new things I should expect in the latest version.

skype Homepage


skype Welcome

The welcome screen appears when Skype launched once the download is complete:

There are very simply, obvious choices as to what to select next. I have to admit, I was hesitant to select “What’s New” for fear of being shuttled off to a Support section of a website to scroll through endless release notes to determine what had changed.

But no, not skype. They just told me right there. On the screen. What’s. New. Done.

skype Whats New


And here’s where it gets even more intuitive. When I go back to the Welcome screen, it lets me know which section I’ve ALREADY READ, so I can move forward, feeling good about ‘checking off’ information on my list of things to read.

skype What's New … Check!

I have used a lot of pieces of software, troubleshot my way through procedure after procedure over the years. And I’m used to that type of work – having to check multiple places for pieces of information relevant to what I’m trying to do.

But skype, well, it’s just so simple. And to be fair, the product itself is too. But I know there has been a lot of effort and time put into THINKING  about what’s going to happen to me as the user when I get to a place of needing to start working with the product.

And that’s why I”m a big fan. A super advocate you would say. Because that simplicity doesn’t only take away multiple needless steps for myself, but, it makes sure my 70+ grandparents can use a product that let’s us connect, face to face, even when we’re halfway across the country:

Skyping with Grandma Peggy and Grandpa Ed


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