Upgrading my mobile status

I’ve been contemplating for awhile upgrading my mobile phone to some sort of smartphone device.

I have been hesitating for a few years, mostly because the cost, the contracts and essentially out of principle.

Coming from the UK, I was used to UK prices and UK choice. It’s taken me awhile to concede that different countries have different prices for different reasons.

I just learned today that a friend of mine is using a popular handheld device for $50 CDN a month. I almost choked on my breakfast. That’s about what I’m paying now for my normal phone, which doesn’t have any data capabilities.

And so, even though budgets are tight right now, as soon as I get back from this whirlwind trip to Ontario that I’m on, I’m going to investigate the world of mobile plus.

I feel a bit like a dinosaur saying that. But hey, we all have trouble coming round to things.

Perhaps within the next 5 years I’ll convince myself that an electronic reader is what I need.

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